There is Money in Muck

The photo below is of a business, not a recycling bin.

A few weeks ago my niece and nephew pitched an idea to my wife and I. They had started a small business in their neighbourhood collecting the recyclables from nearby homes. Having gotten into a nice routine there, they were ready to branch out into our subdivision.

Impressed? Yep, I was. We signed up, and, as the annual AGM of our homeowners’ association was coming up, we helped them distribute info to other residents and they signed up another customer in addition to us.

Their pitch was compelling.

Uncle David, you recycle already, but how about this. For $25 per month, we collect your recyclables every Sunday morning, which, by the way, you do not have to separate, and we will return the bin to you by Saturday evening, washed. Now you do not have to take your recycling to the drop location or keep three sorting bins in the utility room. We got this.

I love so much about this story and their small business. It will teach them many lessons that they will carry forward through life.

  • AN IDEA – They had an idea, based on a real need in their community. They worked their business plan and they started their business.
  • ACTION TO START – Where so many wannabe entrepreneurs stop, they persevered. They took action to start the business that they had thought about. The vast majority of us never do.
  • EXPANSION – After getting their immediate area sorted out, they looked to expand their operations. Jack Welch said if your business is not growing its dying. They are not running GE, mind you, but they are growing.
  • DEVELOPMENT – Last night we chatted about developing their idea further, into other districts and subdivisions. These kids have big dreams. Dad may have to buy a truck.

I’m super proud of what Luke and Jade are doing. Paper runs are not a thing here. At 12 and 14 years old, in a time honoured tradition, they have chosen recycling as their modern day paper run.

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