6 Tips To Get Things Done & Achieve Your Life Objectives

You can achieve your life objectives by following these 6 tips.

The other night a friend asked me this question. “How do I get so much done?” I did not have a good answer. I’m involved with several of my own businesses. I’m active in civic groups. I serve on a local government board. Monday nights I host a mens bible study group at my home. I have an incredible relationship with my wife, Christina, and our two kids, Ryan and Taylor. I’m a coach on my son’s First Lego League robotics team. I guess while doing these things the one thing that I had never really considered was how exactly I manage to cram all this activity in while moving towards my life objectives, having a good balance and not feeling completely overwhelmed. I did not have a good answer to give my friend on Friday night. That got me thinking. What leads some people to get a lot done while others have challenges in this area?

Looking at my experience I can relate 6 areas that can improve the ability to get more done.

1. Time Management T he secret in my case is not being a time management guru. I am not someone to study if you intend to learn about my time management techniques. Its not that I don’t think time management would not help me get more done. Quite the opposite. I think if one studies effective time management techniques, and applies them in their life consistently, they will be far more productive than the average person. I have done the ‘student’ bit, reading up on practically every time management method out there. Unfortunately, for me its the consistently and applying that I seem to have trouble with. What I can attest to is that there is nothing I have read that I have not learned something from in this subject area.

photo by: this lyre lark

Structured Procrastination

My new favourite phrase is ‘structured procrastination‘.

I’ve been gathering tidbits of information and saving scraps from around the edges of the web for years, but really got into high gear recently on thinking what to do with all this stuff. The push to finally tame my Evernote and Pocket collection of clippings came from Michael Hyatt who blogs on www.MichaelHyatt.com.

Now, I won’t tell you that I have not spent a few hours listening to his podcasts recently when I should have been focussing on something else. What I will say to you is that his clear, step-by-step approach to topics around ‘Intentional Leadership’ has helped me start to bring order to my personal collection of ideas. It has also resulted in this blog being set up according to the easy directions he provides freely on his site.

I encourage you to fully use the information he makes available, and grasp the opportunity that it creates to articulate your passions and interests. Whats holding you back? What works for you? I’d love to know so please take a moment to comment.