Its Time To Be Tested

My kids are always a source of inspiration for me in my life and, more specific to this blog, my writing. I have pages in my journal with blog post ideas. However, the best posts always seem to come out of the answers to my question, “Hey kids, what should I write about this week?” This week, as always, the question they suggested surprised me. However, what really got me thinking were their answers. Read on.

Tired schoolboy

“Write about our tests, dad,” was their immediate answer. On my end I’m thinking, really? What could be so interesting about a test? I hated them frankly. I was what you would call, a poor test taker. In hindsight I think that was a guidance counsellor euphemism for ‘David is a lazy procrastinator who waited too late to cram for his exams’. But, enough about me. I had been thrown an idea by the kids. To expand on it I did what I have learned to do when presented with a thought that at first seems unworthy. I asked a few questions.

“So,” I asked. “What is it about tests that you want me to know about?” I got two wonderful gems in reply.

4 Changes That Wrote My Wife’s Love Story (With Our Business)

Last week over a glass of wine with friends in Franklin, TN, my wife Christina just kind of blurted out… “I’m in love with our business again.” I just posted a recap from the recent Platform Conference on creating wow moments. Well, this statement from my wife was a real wow moment for me and I knew then that I had to capture the ‘why’ of the statement. Who knew then that this expression of love would become my ‘just a bit belated Valentines Day’ post?


I love my wife. We work together in our various businesses. She is about the most capable, talented, passionate, genuine person I know in any business. We have worked together for over 10 years now. She is a tower of support to me. I am passionate about business and entrepreneurship and she has long ago learned how to be me my virtual sous-chef in the business, taking care of all the things that end up making me look good. The secret to my success? It’s all due to the support she gives me every day. I couldn’t do anything without her.

Were You Promised A Rose Garden?

Sometimes life just does not go your way. I know I’m not the only one who can attest to this fact. When it does not go as planned do you accept defeat or do you brush yourself off and carry on? Did someone promise you that life would be a rose garden?

iStock 000022085288 Small Wild Rose

When Lynn Anderson recorded Joe South’s song ‘Rose Garden’ in 1970 it shot straight to number one on country hit charts around the world. It even got to number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Why?

I think it is because the song, if you will pardon the pun, struck a chord with so many people. It still does. Just read these lyrics.

3 Discoveries From My One Year Water Photography Project

A couple of years ago I was searching for a project that would be simple to do daily but challenging to keep up with for a whole year. Nothing at all like this blog, right? What I settled on in the closing days of 2009 was to take up the theme ‘water’ and post a photograph to Facebook every day for a year. My discoveries went much beyond just taking photographs.

Final Water Shot – Dec 31 – 2010

The concept is simple enough and there are no end of these 365 type concepts out there. I dreamt this one up on my own and really was doing it just for me. The only rule was that the photograph had to have water in it. Easy right? No, but more on that later as it relates to third of my discoveries.

But first, why water? Honestly I am not sure if consciously thought of the many reasons that later became evident, but four I can highlight are: