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This site provides the opportunity for visitors to communicate in the public domain through visitor-submitted, published comments. The nature inherent in online dialog raises significant questions in the areas of privacy, responsibility, and ownership of data related to these published conversations.

It is my belief that you deserve to know your rights and responsibilities as a commenter on this site. You also deserve to know my rights, responsibilities, and intentions as the site owner with regards to the comment-related data you freely provide. Consequently, this Comment Policy governs your responsibilities and discloses my intent with your comment data.

If you are unsure what something means, please ask. Contact information is available at the bottom of the Comment Policy.


This site is intended for all ages.


Commenters have the right to be presented with age-appropriate dialog and treated with both common courtesy and respect. If you believe this right has been violated, please notify the site owner. Conversely, commenters are expected interact with age-appropriate dialog and to treat others with common courtesy and respect.


I reserve the right to edit, delete, suspend, or publish comment data solely at their discretion. I promise that I will only edit where I deem absolutely necessary and generally edits will be limited to minor punctuation and grammar fixes. If the edit or moderation is more substantial or the comment is cut for brevity I will attempt to contact you to notify you of the change to your comment. At any time you may contact me to have your comment removed.


Comment data related to your real identity, such as name, URL, and email address may be used for any purpose at the discretion of the site owner if you provide it in the context of commenting.


Commenters may comment anonymously. Real names are preferred. “Brand Names” and online personas are permitted.


Comment data is used for the express purpose of allowing visitors to participate in visible, public discussion on this site, and nothing else other than the permission contained below in ‘License to Publish’.

License to Publish

Commenter grants site owner a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and non-exclusive license to use comment data in any form of published work or performance including, but not limited to, web sites, digital eBooks, print, audio, video, live and broadcast events.

Legal Indemnity

Commenters agree to “hold harmless” site owner and authors or guest authors from any and all legal repercussions, damages, and liabilities perceived to have been caused by participating in this site’s online conversations.


If you have questions about this comment policy, please contact the site owner.



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